[conspire] 3Ware raid 1 linux fedora core 5

Stephan Seelig sseelig at greenalabs.com
Tue Sep 26 14:22:55 PDT 2006


of course it has to do with my Raid tests. But also after rebuilding the
hard drives I get the same message (Degraded and .. not in use).
I deleted the array and created a new on. Now I am installing fedora
core again but that can't be the way.
There is another question. Without a raid controller, you can choose
during installation process on which hard drive to install Linux. I can
only choose 1 Partition which is offered by the raid controller. How can
i check if the /boot partition is on both disk? Or can I trust that on
both drives are the same data? I am asking, because during my tests I
was only able to boot from one drive.


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