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Mon Sep 25 07:49:12 PDT 2006

In addition to what Rick and Ross have recommended, and their advice was
one thing you might do is to format your external drive and leave
considerable space free (not partitioned). Then go ahead and install
one distro (Xubuntu really makes sense here) and then take the box and
drive to the next installfest if you are interested in installing more
distros on the external drive. There you might be able to get some help
from masters of this art.

I also run an iMac of roughly the vintage of yours and use the external
FW drive for OSX or Kubuntu.

One of our multi-boot masters likes to allow 10 to 12 GB of disk to each
distro on a multi-boot system. That might help you plan how much free
space to leave for additional distributions.

I have done what you are trying to do and it took me some considerable
study of GRUB (more than a few hours) and research on partition
planning. I wound up with MEPIS server and Kanotix desktop. But
multi-boot is a lot of work. I find it more economical to have
different, perhaps low dollar value, machines for learning. And as Ross
points out, for the cost of an external FW drive you can have a
"completely different" machine in that it can have a different distro
on it.

Good  luck.

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> Subject: [conspire] imac Firewire Enclosure
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> Date: Sun, September 24, 2006 9:47 pm
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> I was trying to install  ppc Ubuntu on the external FW drive enclosure
> last meeting. Very good food by the way. Thanks to everyone who
> contributed to that effort.We had no luck getting the drive to be
> recognized by Mac Os 9.1.even with some expert help.  However after I
> upgraded to Os 9.2.2 the drive came right up on the desktop and was
> recognized in both FW and Usb1 modes.I also initialized it in abou
> seconds. Now my question is will the ppc installer recognize and give me
> the option to install to that external drive? Should I partition it
> beforehand? How should I partition it to accept about 6 different
> distros and  boot sectors , plus the rest  for lets say mp3 files. Is it
> possible to boot that that many without getting screwed up? Would grub
> do it?
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