[conspire] (forw) echoes from 1999: Windows Refund Day

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Subject: echoes from 1999: Windows Refund Day

Hi Rick,

In the unlikely event this email is still live and not spammed into 
oblivion, just thought I'd let you know... I got an inquiry this week from 
someone putting together artwork for an exhibit on the history of computing 
and software at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, of 
all places. I assume this one:
"STARTUP: Albuquerque and the Personal Computer Revolution at NMMNHS"

They wanted to make a print of one of my photos from the Windows Refund Day 
in 1999 for the exhibit.  The photo was used in the "Revolution OS" movie 
(now that I check, part of it is included in the DVD cover art). The photo 
shows people holding signs outside the MS office in Foster City saying "no 
taxation without direct open source", "who ordered windows?" etc.

Fun detail: the museum's webpage says the computer history exhibit is 
funded by Paul Allen.

John Beale
beale at best.com

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