[conspire] simply MEPIS DVD 601 problem + SVLUG

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 16:19:19 PST 2006

woke up to dvd burned from last nights b/u , 
it tested ok on other computer .
But , could not get into old or freshly made account . 
root worked .
Discovered my dvd download attempts took over 3g and got me to 100% using the file size view in  konqueror . ( it warned me it wouldn't update but showed the new state 4 both deletions ) 
+ I also refreshed repositories and did all upgrades . 
Found out Dad had trouble w OO.org but made it work and was first witness that all  accounts short of root failed . 

WORKS NOW  after reboot . 
+ what kind of hoops did one have to jump through to become eligible for the voting for SVLUG leadership ? I looked around and remember sending a mail to their list announcing my intention to join their board . Maybe yahoo failed me but I suspect it got  " maintenced out " in a too familiar way ! 

( this probably does not work anywhere near properly now ! )
Unless I wind up getting real answers I would recommend any company that asks , not help the " linux children " . 

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