[conspire] Important SVLUG vote, today

Bill Ward bill at wards.net
Wed Mar 1 14:35:25 PST 2006

For a more balanced view of the issues, sbay.org put together a
collection of pro and con arguments, with rebuttals (though Paul never
submitted a rebuttal for his side):

Also, note that anyone who attends an svlug meeting, or is on any
svlug mailing list, is automatically considered a member and can vote
on this issue.

--Bill (member of sbay.org board of directors, and former SVLUG VP).

On 3/1/06, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Many CABAL members are involved with Silicon Valley Linux User Group, as
> well.  (I'm SVLUG's Web site maintainer and moderator of its mailing
> lists.)  If you are involved in any way with SVLUG, you should please
> consider showing up for this evening's meeting:  There will be a really
> vital, in-person voice vote on whether SVLUG will remain part of the
> SGAY.ORG umbrella corporation, or go independent again.
> I have a Web page (and linked flyer) about the relevant issues --
> reflecting, of course, my viewpoint -- here:
> http://linuxmafia.com/~rick/sbay.html
> SVLUG members, please do show up and vote your conscience.  It's
> important.  Be there at 7PM!
> Symantec (formerly Veritas Software Corp.)
> 350 Ellis Street, VCAFE Facility
> Mountain View
> 7pm - 9pm
> http://www.svlug.org/directions/veritas.shtml
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