[conspire] Important SVLUG vote, today

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 1 09:18:53 PST 2006

Many CABAL members are involved with Silicon Valley Linux User Group, as
well.  (I'm SVLUG's Web site maintainer and moderator of its mailing
lists.)  If you are involved in any way with SVLUG, you should please
consider showing up for this evening's meeting:  There will be a really
vital, in-person voice vote on whether SVLUG will remain part of the
SGAY.ORG umbrella corporation, or go independent again.

I have a Web page (and linked flyer) about the relevant issues --
reflecting, of course, my viewpoint -- here:

SVLUG members, please do show up and vote your conscience.  It's
important.  Be there at 7PM!

Symantec (formerly Veritas Software Corp.) 
350 Ellis Street, VCAFE Facility 
Mountain View 
7pm - 9pm

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