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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 1 14:32:44 PDT 2006

While the general public does like pretty pages like Karsten's I consider it a good example of pretty pages inform less, a known web phenomenon if your busy scanning the science daily type of web pages. His page is useful but necessarily out of date, most obviously and honestly by giving the then current distrowatch listing with Mandrake on top - its been Ubuntu for many months now.  My


takes a lot more effort to read but gives much more current information for desktop linux. Specifically, slack based vector linux delivers the goods for new users with an ease that certainly rivals his big three. And nobody has ever accused my site of a non-terse condition.

My friend Karsten Self maintains a "Linux" page, pitched at the general
public, that has many virtues, especially in its section that explains
the landscape of Linux distributions.  (It's also ended up, predictably,
too long and too verbose.    But don't they always?)

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