[conspire] E-mail Service

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Mon Jan 30 16:16:12 PST 2006

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 12:43:36 -0800, John Andrews wrote:

> Mac-Outlook express 
> doesn't receive mail at all from pop.netzero.net.

Sorry, didn't notice that last statement. Clearly, it means the program is
not configured properly. BTW, POP3 e-mail is designed such that you must
pick one and only one e-mail program (MUA) to use, and on only one system.
Any other type of use will be maddeningly inconvenient at best. I would
strongly recommend dropping the use of any POP3-based e-mail service,
because not only do the only programs that handle it well come from
Microsoft, but they only run on MacOS, leaving Windows and Linux out in
the cold. It seems that you are currently shopping around for an MUA. I
have done this in the past, and I hate every single one that I have tried.
So, for a recommendation to make, I would choose something I have not
tried precisely because I have not tried it, with the disclaimer that I
can't guarantee that it won't be even worse: the built-in mail client in
the Opera browser. As for an e-mail provider, there is no single solution
that is right for everybody, and your particular e-mail needs must be
identified before I (or you, for that matter) can have an idea of what to
look for in an e-mail service. The single recommendation that I would make
to anyone at all is to OBTAIN AN E-MAIL ADDRESS YOU CONTROL -- one that is
not likely to ever change for as long as you can imagine. Once you do, you
should also take steps to safeguard it from spammers' address harvesters.
I could speak with you in greater detail about getting e-mail service that
you would find more convenient, but I don't have your phone number, and
you don't seem to check your current e-mail all that often.

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