[conspire] E-mail Service

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Mon Jan 30 12:43:36 PST 2006

	I have one internet connection,a dial-up Netzero and one e-mail address.
But I use it from my house and also from my parents house. Three computers 
total and 4-5 different email programs.When I send mail everywhere is fine 
and works but when I receive email in reply it all doesn't get delivered  
(picked up) by ever email program. The Mac 9.2 with a Netscape 4.7  email 
program gets mail that Ubuntu Evolution and Kontact don't receive. What are 
some of the settings or what ever that I can look for?Mac-Outlook express 
doesn't receive mail at all from pop.netzero.net.

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