[conspire] Blackbox

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Sat Jan 21 19:31:02 PST 2006

Okay so I got blackbox and blackbox themes and I have been reading as much as 
i could in the wikis and stuff.I have created the file ~/.blackboxrc and 
pasted some material in there for the basic settings.I also found  and 
started it from the login screen and even changed it to a Blue theme which 
	I've never worked with creating menus  before but I read something about the 
procedure.Should I put the menus in usr/share/blackbox/menus? I would have to 
mkdir menu and then create the file and follow the rules to write the menus. 
I'm assuming that if you set it up to use Firefox and Konqueror etc that they 
look just the same as they do from KDE or Gnome.The xterm thing in BB looked 
pretty crappy.Should I have bbkeys to write the menus? Can I apt-get bbkeys?  
I don't understand the complexity of the way it's set up yet.What are 
keybindings? Maybe you could point me towards some good articles as I know 
this is too much to explain by email.

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