[conspire] Daniel, Rick - Howto ubuntu pull latest kernel into Breezy

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Sat Jan 21 15:53:45 PST 2006

Daniel - at the last meeting you mentioned you have done something (pinning?) to pull the latest ubuntu kernel into Breezy.  And, that this was based on a method Rick made for doing something (pinning?) in sort of the reverse way it is usually done.

Do you have a link to a web page, email, etc about specifically how to do this?

Note: Ben Collins, kernel maintainer for ubuntu, suggested I get the latest ubuntu development kernel into Breezy to see if it has a bug fix I need.  But, 1) The method he suggested I use didn't work, and 2) The people on #ubuntu-devel said it was a) impossible, b) _VERY_ hard to do.

Daniel, since you said you've accomplished it, I'd love to hear the exact method you used.

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