[conspire] Breezy/Apt-Get ?

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Sun Jan 8 12:05:34 PST 2006

Rick ,Daniel ,Nick
	I did an apt-getupdate. Then a sudo apt-get build dep on a dial up connection 
which took awhile.It finished fine and then unpacked the packages(about a 
dozen lines of information. Then it did another dozen or so lines. Whatever 
that next step is called then it returned me to my prompt and I don't know 
how to finish installation.I tried a few dpkg commands and apt-get and 
apt-config commands which I thought might work. Then synaptic  and aptitiude. 
I virtually lost all the screens which had the unpacking information on 
them.What's the seqence of commands to finish .Ps I hope I don't loose all 
the uninstalled packages when i turn off the computer.

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