[conspire] less windows for Jose

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 14 13:23:47 PST 2006

, except for videos (I hope, in a 
near future I will have it working too) just about every application seems 
to run well under it AND Fast!.
Only thing, I have a little bit of of an annoying booth controller and a 
window partition, would like to get riddle of it, leaving on that 9 GB HD 
drive just linux. Question: can it be remove without those two items without 
affecting linux.get into SYNAPTIC under packaging under configuration under the start button originally placed in the lower left corner by kde and update. then check libdvdcss2 and maybe xine for installation then implement the installing. 
   lookout - my PCLinuxOS.92 + some upgrades calmly made drink coasters vs my DATA BACKUP dvd + rw 's ! Am booting into the MEPIS Lite i ditched when i do backups, tested that to be sure. 
   Maybe best to defrag then resize the partitions you don't wanna keep using , just reduce them and reduce likely problems while retaining a backup capability if trouble strikes. Also I suspect PCLinuxOS relies on the applications to defend vs malware, ok on linux but disaster if w98 connects to internet, so you want occasional updates and/or some tool vs malware installed. Final warning, PCLinuxOS is not derived from debian so you need to expect more hiccups from its .rpm system than what a .deb system typically delivers, occasionally certain distributions suffer excellent implementation and rise above their type.
  --happy but careful computing

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