[conspire] a big thanks

jose tav josetav at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 13 18:02:03 PST 2006

A big thanks to all you Folks who help me with my box last Saturday, a 
particular one goes for Bruce, and of course Rick & family for being as 
usual good hosts.
Finally, I have a linux "PC linuxOS" install on my box that make me realy 
happy! thanks Bruce for recommending it, except for videos (I hope, in a 
near future I will have it working too) just about every application seems 
to run well under it AND Fast!.
Only thing, I have a little bit of of an annoying booth controller and a 
window partition, would like to get riddle of it, leaving on that 9 GB HD 
drive just linux. Question: can it be remove without those two items without 
affecting linux.
Have a good week!

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