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David E. Fox dfox at m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com
Fri Dec 29 21:39:25 PST 2006

On Thu, 28 Dec 2006 16:28:35 -0800
"Edmund J. Biow" <biow at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> In my limited experience the stock VIA driver is still pretty raw for 
> xorg 7.1.  In Arklinux 2006.1 on a KM400 using VIA whenever I try to 
> start Stellarium or Celestia I get booted out of X rather quickly.  I'm 

Hmm. Another stellarium fan :) I use it now to test 3d, mostly, but it
does look nice.

(much interesting stuff snipped)

> To stick to issues with listening to music the Edgy version of XMMS, for 
> instance, freezes if you enable the Double Size option unless you beckon 
> it using 'export XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 && xmms'; it doesn't have 

I had troubles with xmms over the last year while tracking etch, that
at one time I blew it off the box, only to find out that there are too
many dependencies and I had to bring it back. Doesn't mean, of course,
I have to use it. For quite some time, xmms was pretty much all I had
an all I used to play mp3s (other than plain old mpg123 on the command
line) -- especially on boxen with far less power than my current
system, such as a P100 :). Now I generally use amaroK.

> and none of them did what I wanted.  BMP, BMPx and Audacious are not in 
> the repositories, not that I think they would fit the bill.  I tried 

bmp *should* be in the repositories. It's in Debian as

Don't know about ubuntu. May be in universe &/or multiverse if you have
those enabled.

Personally I like bmp - visually more appealing than xmms.

Your comment about zinf is well taken. It *used* to work, but doesn't
right now, and it seems to be caused by running at depth 16 when one
should be running at depth 32. I compiled it from source a long time
ago - but I remember that it used to work. OTOH, I run currently in
depth 16 because of googlearth. Don't see why these things are

Unfortunately, there's no candidate version of zinf for debian so I'll
go ahead and compile one up. My version is pretty old - from 2004, so I
went ahead and got rid of it.

well.. it won't compile on etch :( and I don't know why, so oh well.

> I hope you can make it work.  Matrox makes such a nice card if you are 
> not a gamer.   I've read no one has ever improved upon their 2D 
> quality.  And I love dual head cards.

Yeah me too. It's good enough for stellarium and fgfs is *almost*
usable but not really. ppracer is OK though.

> 640KB should be enough for anyone.

16K on a TRS-80 :)

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