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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
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Corey Fong appears to have a major Linux teaching operation at Skyline
Community College -- note Web site (http://www.linuxatskyline.org/).
This is right next door to Emilio Gerardo Milian has for a long time
held Linux classes at South San Francisco Adult Education, 825 Southwood
Dr., South San Francisco (http://www.smcoe.k12.ca.us/ssfusd/as/linux/).
Is there something in the water in the upper Peninsula -- and is there
some way we can convince Mid-Peninsula Water District to add it to ours?

Anyhow, please be sure to refer aspiring Linux experts in San Mateo
County to both of these worthy gentlemen's efforts.

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Thought you folks would be interested in the following ...

At Skyline, the Linux curriculum is expanding to include new topics, as
well as getting official course numbers.

This Spring (starting Jan 16th) ... the following classes are on the
schedule ...

COMP/TCOM 315 Managing Linux-based Internet Services 

COMP/TCOM 316 Managing Linux-based Intra-net (Enterprise) Services.

You probably will ask ... what's in each of these classes?  For more
details on course content, go to ...


Hope you find these classes of interest,
Corey Fong

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