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Adrien Lamothe a_lamothe at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 18 11:41:14 PST 2006

I was going to post exactly the same thoughts, but
have been busy and recovering from the flu. I still
think Ubuntu is a great distro. Yes, ideally all the
drivers will be open source, until then there is
always the potential for funny business.

--- Tony Godshall <togo at of.net> wrote:

> someone went off-list and wrote:
> > While Debian bigots^W enthusiasts and other
> techno-illuminati seem to
> > be looking at Ubuntu a bit sideways, I've got to
> say, it's one heck of
> > a solid distro.
> ...
> yes well except for all the non-free binary blobs
> they stick in there
> to make all the proprietary hardware "just work"
> .... for now.
> I think for a lot of us, we'd much prefer a proper
> Free distribution
> that gives us long term security.  Call us bigots or
> enthusiasts, but
> the truth is elsewhere, really.
> I personally will tolerate a little non-free in my
> distro if I have to
> (and that's usually on laptops) but I'm always
> looking to / working
> toward Free alternatives, both for the moral (a la
> FSF) and for the
> practical long term (a la OSI).
> Of course my perspective this particular evening may
> be colored by the
> fact that I spent the day fighting with a
> proprietary "source code" 3M
> touchscreen calibration tool so I can convince the
> touchscreen drivers
> to recognize the whole 10" LCD panel.  Stupid
> companies who don't let
> you share and fix code.
> T
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