[conspire] Fwd: Ubuntu 6.10 [was Re: ... distro news]

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Mon Dec 18 10:35:06 PST 2006

someone went off-list and wrote:
> While Debian bigots^W enthusiasts and other techno-illuminati seem to
> be looking at Ubuntu a bit sideways, I've got to say, it's one heck of
> a solid distro.

yes well except for all the non-free binary blobs they stick in there
to make all the proprietary hardware "just work" .... for now.

I think for a lot of us, we'd much prefer a proper Free distribution
that gives us long term security.  Call us bigots or enthusiasts, but
the truth is elsewhere, really.

I personally will tolerate a little non-free in my distro if I have to
(and that's usually on laptops) but I'm always looking to / working
toward Free alternatives, both for the moral (a la FSF) and for the
practical long term (a la OSI).

Of course my perspective this particular evening may be colored by the
fact that I spent the day fighting with a proprietary "source code" 3M
touchscreen calibration tool so I can convince the touchscreen drivers
to recognize the whole 10" LCD panel.  Stupid companies who don't let
you share and fix code.


Tony Godshall (g)

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