[conspire] Internet, cable and phone suggestions

Lorne S lornes at pacbell.net
Fri Dec 8 10:37:09 PST 2006

first post; hope this is not too inappropriate - I have come to Menlo
Park a few times to get started with Linux.

I am moving to 27th and Telegraph in Oakland from Walnut Creek.
Occasional telecommuting to my new job in SF  will be critical for me as
my wife is somewhat disabled as you may know. I was looking into going
to Astound cable internet phone from current  SBC a t & t for dsl 2nd
level enhanced and comcast, but no Astound yet in Oakland. It all costs
about $113 per month from at&t (and comcast cable only) now and
performance is fine, but I did not like how at&t handed info over to the
feds. i do not have spare money to increase my bill, at least for now.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Lorne & Christine S

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