[conspire] linuxmanship

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Dec 7 12:07:18 PST 2006

Quoting Keith Keller (kkeller at speakeasy.net):

> Question: why no mention of *BSD, which is possibly in many ways as good
> as linux, or at the very least not a proprietary OS?  Yes, I understand
> it's called *linux*manship, but it seems like not mentioning BSD at all
> seems slightly disingenuous.

OK, I'll bite.

o  The page is a marketing essay on how to (and how not to) market 
   open-source software solutions based on Linux.  Why no mention of 
   BSD?  Probably because that's not the purpose for which he wrote
   the essay.

   Author permits verbatim mirroring, and adds "Please write for
   permission for other uses."  I'd speculate that he might bless
   any BSD advocate's desire to go to town with a derivative work
   tailored for that purpose.

o  I'm guessing you're unaware that the word "disingenuous" 
   means "lacking candor, giving a false appearance of simple 
   frankness, calculatingly deceptive".  Which is a rather not-nice
   thing to say about the motives of someone you probably don't even
   know for no better reason than his having written a useful esssay.

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