[conspire] conspire Digest, Vol 43, Issue 9

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 14:15:03 PST 2006

I just fixed some guys windows 2k box by using search
to find both missing driver files; both os and user
were too stupid to do this themselves . He got me to
drive over w a nic in shrinkwrap but I avoided opening
the box , w9x does teach how to fix w2k . This idiot
refuses to allow linux on his box despite its superior
track record and proven ability to rescue windows . He
did once suffer from a default ms configuration where
it noticed a partition change and refused to boot - I
wish those jerks would ship software vs sabotage ! 

As the 'rare' exception to multi booting I must note
all the different OS es make it harder . Typing from
Puppy now makes the  A.C.L. system look VERY expensive
Permissions go wrong much too often for my tolerance
and you suffer overhead too , during my last rebate
binge , I had to run xsane as root or nothing worked
and now I'll need root to view those receipt etc.
images . [ Policy = boot distro from drive if it EVER
needs me to chown or chroot ! ] 

> Linux MAY actually be easier to use but many people
> are terrified by 
> something that hasn't been sanctified by a big
> corporate household name 
> like Microsoft or Mac, and are afraid to even
try.............Windows install after it continued to
> His friend tried to 
> reinstall Windows, but couldn't iron out the bugs...

Actually its symptomatic of a general failure to teach
competent decision making in school vs teaching for
higher test scores . Once Apple built networking into
all their machines their expected TCO went down so
much in corporate settings that we have about a decade
of insanely stupid purchasing behavior from corporate
USA . Our B-Schools literally teach to just do cost
benefit analysis but not add extra expenses into it
for chance of backlash . 

- now off  this topic - 
its wonderful to have computers that can do things
like MAM voting which would make the Fiji situation a
little better . see the links from the MAMcalc webpage
4 more of why but no Fiji . Honestly just the sales
advantage of meeting the 'immunity from majority
complaint' criteria gives it great advantage . 

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