[conspire] Dapper & Easyubuntu

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 11:47:58 PST 2006

> > I'm guessing the app Paul was talking about is "gnome-volume-control".
> Actually, on reflection, I'm not sure.  More likely (per Daniel's
> comment, above) alsamixer or aumix?  Anyhow, I'd try all of those.

I penned my message last night from my GF's place (arrgh...
Windows...) so I didn't have my desktop in front of me to refer to.

-> the title bar says:  "Volume Control: VIA 8237 (Alsa Mixer)
-> Help/About says:
   "Volume Control 2.14.2"
   "A GNOME/GStreamer-based volume control application"
   "(c) 2003-2004 Ronald Bultje"
  (had to select each of those lines separately,
   for some unfathomable reason)
->  ps -ef shows "gnome-volume-control"

I'm left wondering about the parenthesized "Alsa Mixer" in the title...

This is more of a curiosity than an actual question deserving
investigation, though... we all have more important things to do...

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