[conspire] Dapper & Easyubuntu

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Dec 3 19:00:11 PST 2006

Quoting John Andrews (jla1000 at comcast.net):

> Then the gui gives a warning that some of the codecs are already
> installed and grey's out those choices. After choosing another check
> box to try, it seems to function properly and retreives a package but
> then it can't install it and returns an error about broken packages
> needing to be fixed first.

If you're hoping for help, you should be including the exact output,
absolutely verbatim, in your post.  I hope Easyubuntu makes it possible
for you to copy and paste that information:  Some "GUI"
package-management front-ends interfere with that task, making it
difficult for users to provide meaningful diagnostic information to
others trying to help them.  That information is essential.

> The synaptic package manager doesn't show any broken packages.How can I
> repair the broken packages and get eayubuntu to work right?

You have unfortunately given way WAY insufficient data for people
wanting to help you.  It's in your interest to help people help you!  ;->

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