[conspire] Dapper & Easyubuntu

John Andrews jla1000 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 3 17:10:20 PST 2006

I installed some multimedia libs to get the dvd going, after reading a
couple of how to articles.I used apt-get to install pitdll, gxine,
libxine-main1, libxine-extra codecs, ogle, ogle gui, w32-codecs and
maybe a couple other like libdvdread etc.. The dvd plays! but the sound
plays at about 10%. 
	My real question is about easyubuntu.I got it installed ok but it's
really not that easy,duh because the wget key-thing kept returning an
error 8080.I ended up doing it manually from a key server and importing
it into the system. (gpg --armor i think. and apt-key add). The sudo
python easyubutu.in passes the sanity check.Then the gui gives a warning
that some of the codecs are already installed and grey's out those
choices.After choosing another check box to try, it seems to function
properly and retreives a package but then it can't install it and
returns an error about broken packages needing to be fixed first.
	The synaptic package manager doesn't show any broken packages.How can I
repair the broken packages and get eayubuntu to work right?

PS I decide to nuke mac os 9.2 and install straight Tiger on the old G3
imac.I'd use Ubuntu but it's for my mother and she doesn't understand
computer that well.(at all really)Besides I already bought mac Tiger.
Maybe I can learn about Fink/X11/Open source/XTools/ stuff.There's a lot
of open source packages available that I never knew about. Gnome,Kde,
Open Office etc..

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