[conspire] Imac G3 /Tiger

John Andrews jla1000 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 1 12:13:59 PST 2006

This may be a little off the subject but I am trying to install os 10.4
Tiger on an old imac G3 slot loading, 400mhz,9.2.2 os. I've updated the
ram/firmware.Now I need a larger hard drive.How should I handle the
whole classic env. and Tiger installation?One article said to create 2
partions. One 3 gb for 9.2 and the second 5 gb for Tiger and the rest
for storage.Another said you can put them both in one partition.I need
to use Apple works from 9.2 and be able to print with a printer which
needs a 10.x driver to work right.This is for my 84 year old mother who
uses the computer for email and word processing so it can't be too
complicated for her to use.Is there another word processing program
which would open the existing documents? (Apple works stuff) 
	Also I need to use the Os 9.2 again but don't have the install disks.
Can it be copied over to the new drive via a FW enclosure? i.e just drag
the hard drive over onto the fire drive.Would it boot right and have the
original desktop exactly like it was originally?
	If this is too much to answer, maybe you could refer me to some good
how-to's. Does open office install on Mac Tiger? Or Abiword? Then I
could eliminate the whole Classic environment thing.Will Open Office
Open the 9.2 Apple works documents?

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