[conspire] Re: going to CABAL maybe- carpooling from East Bay? + Ubuntu on iMac

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Sep 24 15:39:57 PDT 2005

Quoting Tony Godshall (togo at of.net):

> Nothing on back.  On bottom: "Family Number M4984"

M4984 it is, then.   And it could be a 233MHz or 266MHz G3 iMac, not a
333MHz one.

Tony, I don't mind doing a bunch of googling for friends, but it would
be nice if you would lend a hand in these matters, especially since you
have the (thus far unique) advantage of having the machine in front of
you.  Here's a page of interest:

"Which iMac Is It? A Quick Guide to Differentiating CRT G3 iMacs"

  Apple did a great job designing, marketing, and branding the iMac, but
  they also created a big problem - knowing which iMac you own or are
  looking to buy on the used market.

  There are now four basic iMac designs: the original G3 iMacs with CD-ROM
  trays, the newer G3 iMacs with slot-loading drives, the
  hemisphere-supporting-a-screen G4 iMacs, and the new
  everything-behind-the display G5 iMacs. The big questions involve the G3
  iMacs, which were made in a great number of colors and processor speeds,
  not to mention different system boards.  [...]

The page mentions by model number quite a lot of individual models, but
not M4984.

This page claims that M4984 is a Rev. D 333MHz G3 iMac that came with
160MB RAM, 6GB HD, ATI Rage Pro C video, and a regular CD-ROM drive.


> > Tony, right now would be a really good time to backup onto some other
> > media anything on that hard drive you want to keep.  Also, I suspect
> > Daniel's going to want to know things like what Mac OS version.  (In
> > Finder, select "About this Macintosh".)
> Nothing zilch zip.

Er, no offence, but I don't believe that.  I guess we'll get that
information when you arrive.

> OK, thanks.  I favor gnome generally... I assume Kubuntu is Kde?

o  "Ubuntu" ISOs furnish the Debian-variant Ubuntu core with metapackage
   "ubuntu-desktop", which is a collection of GNOME packages.
o  "Kubuntu" ISOs furnish the same core with metapackage "kubuntu-desktop",
    which is a collection of KDE packages.

Either default build can be supplemented with the second (other)
metapackage, using Internet access and a single apt-get command, e.g., 
"sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" to install GNOME apps onto an 
initial Kubuntu-based system build.

> So a rabbi walks into a bar with a big ol' tree frog on his shoulder.
> The bartender asks, hey, where'd you get that?

"Thousands of them", right?  ;->

(I forget which Yiddish word Rosten was writing about, but it was one
with a common mispronunciation that he heard from a New York politician,
and advised the fellow that he'd never get votes in Brooklyn at that

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