[conspire] Re: going to CABAL maybe- carpooling from East Bay? + Ubuntu on iMac

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Sat Sep 24 14:46:34 PDT 2005

According to Rick Moen,
> Quoting Daniel Gimpelevich (daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us):
> > > 
> > >> Hey, cool.  If you are doing Mac, maybe I'll come and 
> > >> bring my blueberry iMac along and put Ubuntu on it too.
> (After some googling, to make me look as if I know more than I really
> do:)
> I'm guessing that's a 333MHz "Revision D" G3 iMac, marked on the back as
> part number M7440LL/A (blueberry).  Tony, it'd be a good idea to verify
> that, either before you visit or during.

Nothing on back.  On bottom: "Family Number M4984"
> If my reading is correct, then this is the set of updates to apply
> (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=58174#iMac333):
>   iMac CD Update 2.0   Note says:  "The iMac CD Update 2.0 incorporates
>       the iMac CD Update 1.0. Apple recommends all iMac users with tray
>       loading CD-ROM drives to install the 2.0 update."
>   iMac Firmware Update 1.2  Notes say:  "The iMac Firmware Update
>       version 1.2 should be installed on all iMac computers used in
>       NetBoot client environments. The update also corrects a rare
>       condition wherein SGRAM amounts over 2MB may not be properly
>       identified at startup. This update incorporates the iMac Firmware
>       Update 1.1."  "Before you install Mac OS X, you may need to update
>       your computer's firmware"
>   Apple Modem Updater 1.3.5  Note says:  "The update installs version
>       2.3 of the Conextant firmware, which contains the latest version
>       of both V.90 and the K56flex protocols."
> I haven't yet pulled those down; I'm posting the information here mostly
> for later reference if/when we need to get them.

OK, thanks.

> > So, in preparation for an install onto a Blueberry iMac, I would ask
> > what's installed on it now, and what you want done with the current
> > hard disk contents.
> Tony, right now would be a really good time to backup onto some other
> media anything on that hard drive you want to keep.  Also, I suspect
> Daniel's going to want to know things like what Mac OS version.  (In
> Finder, select "About this Macintosh".)

Nothing zilch zip.

> > There are also issues with the CD drives in some of them that prevent
> > reading CD-Rs burned either at higher speeds or onto 700MB media
> > rather than 650MB media. This may necessitate a net-install.
> Well, we'll try with our regular 700MB CDR distro CD-Rs.  If that
> doesn't work, I suppose we can set up dhcp/bootp/whatever for netboot.

Cool.  I'll bring my usual laptop too.
> > Some older iMacs may also have miscellaneous other hardware issues. If
> > installing from CD, you may want to give a little thought as to
> > whether you would like to start with the Ubuntu installer or the
> > Kubuntu installer. 
> OK, I'm pulling down the Kubuntu for PPC v. 5.10 preview installation
> ISO, and can grab the live CD image in the morning.

OK, thanks.  I favor gnome generally... I assume Kubuntu is Kde?
> > In this message, gtkspell flagged "shlepping" and suggested "schlepping"
> > instead. Despite that, it's still a great little piece of software.
> Tsk, tsk.  As Leo Rosten said, that sort of thing won't earn one votes
> in Brooklyn.  ;->

So a rabbi walks into a bar with a big ol' tree frog on his shoulder.
The bartender asks, hey, where'd you get that?

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