[conspire] cabal Sat. ? after flea ?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Sep 9 02:37:41 PDT 2005

Quoting Bruce Coston (jane_ikari at yahoo.com):

> im already exhausted, rebuilt my 12 linux partitions
> and 6 for ross.

Well, I'll have another one for you.  ;->  OpenSUSE 10.0, having gone
through (I think) four betas with very good word-of-mouth reports on all
of them, just now has a release candidate -- aka RC1 "NÃŒrnber" --'
aiming towards a full release in early October.  So, I'm right now
grabbing the 5-CD set for x86 via BitTorrent, and should have a set
burnt to media by Saturday afternoon's CABAL meeting.  (There are also
images for x86_64 and PPC.)

It has built-in support for Xen, which is pretty cool (and GNOME 2.12,
for those who care).

> im not planning any special food and ross seems a bit
> tired so don't expect much beyond ice cream, but i
> could be wrong.

I do have about six pounds of meat for BBQ.

> i can't seem to find my latest simply mepis 3.3.2 test 3 with the
> repositories not really fixed yet....

This seems like a good copy:

I'm fetching it to the usual location, for Saturday.  MD5SUM is supposed
to be:

4d7b70e1e6d951194208a2be98f836d7 SimplyMEPIS-3.3.2.test03.iso
...which I'll of course check.

(Incidentally, Damn Small Linux v. 1.5 is also out.)

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