[conspire] cabal Sat. ? after flea ?

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 02:33:33 PDT 2005

im already exhausted, rebuilt my 12 linux partitions
and 6 for ross.
     Daniel, would you mind k- izing our Ubuntu's and
maybe we should write down the formula. 
im not planning any special food and ross seems a bit
tired so don't expect much beyond ice cream, but i
could be wrong. i can't seem to find my latest simply
mepis 3.3.2 test 3 with the repositories not really
fixed yet so ross and i have a slack based distro on
our boxes and an rpm plus our .deb's Dillo does not
seem to suffer the bad font on yahoo problem under
knoppix/kaNOTix based distro the g or k based browsers
do. will wanna borrow a 64 meg sdram to try with my nu
128 m vid card ~$50-30 just to try having double the
vid vs main ram, see if at least vector will boot it.
looks like sarge on my last empty, hda7.

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