[conspire] Ah, it's an Atheros-based PCI card

Ryan Russell ryan at thievco.com
Sat Sep 3 12:27:56 PDT 2005

Michael T. Halligan wrote:
> In my experience, that is only 1/2 true. They'll change their chipset
> entirely (a full vendor switch), and increment in a funny way.. Like I
> remember there was an FA310 .. then an FA310A .. then an FA310b then
> an FA311 .. all of them 10/100 ethernet cards, all of them completly
> different
> chipsets.. all but one or two of them used the tulip/decchip driver, but
> the tulip
> driver that worked 3 months ago on the old chipset wouldn't work on the
> new one, and you'd have to update.. A real pain. Must be "Just in Time"

All good examples of what I was talking about.  When I ran into it,
there were no identifying revision letters on the box.  The A/B only
came into play when you got to the Windows drivers.  The Windows drivers
on the included CD would always work with the included card, and any
earlier versions.  The problem came up when you tried to buy one in a
store or via mail order.

Maybe they have since added the revision letters to the boxes.  That's
all they really need to do to fix it.  It's rather silly if they don't.


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