[conspire] Ah, it's an Atheros-based PCI card

Michael T. Halligan mhalligan at bitpusher.com
Fri Sep 2 20:38:17 PDT 2005

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Ryan Russell (ryan at thievco.com):
>>Be aware that those guys (Netgear) are prone to changing chipsets
>>completely and keeping the same model number.
> Thanks, Ryan.  I didn't know that.
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In my experience, that is only 1/2 true. They'll change their chipset
entirely (a full vendor switch), and increment in a funny way.. Like I
remember there was an FA310 .. then an FA310A .. then an FA310b then
an FA311 .. all of them 10/100 ethernet cards, all of them completly 
chipsets.. all but one or two of them used the tulip/decchip driver, but 
the tulip
driver that worked 3 months ago on the old chipset wouldn't work on the
new one, and you'd have to update.. A real pain. Must be "Just in Time"

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