[conspire] Groups of Linux Users Everywhere (GLUE)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jun 17 12:30:53 PDT 2005

A fellow recently wrote to me:

> Can you either direct me to a list of Phoenix area LUGs or if you
> happen to know if there's one in Central Phoenix or Scottsdale,
> Arizona?  I'd like to join, but I just haven't been able to find a
> group that's located in my area.      

Most likely, he posed the question to me because I maintain the Linux
User Group HOWTO for the Linux Documentation Project.  So, I went
straight to my HOWTO, found the section labelled "LUG Lists", and took
the hyperlink to the first entry, "GLUE" at SSC, Inc.  GLUE was
traditionally the most-extensive and most-useful LUG list for the United
States and Canada -- which is why I went there, first.

Looks like they moved it, for starters:  I got a redirect from the
traditional URL of http://www.ssc.com:8080/glue/groups/ to
http://glue.linuxgazette.com/ .  OK, but....

Oh.  My.  Word.  

Nothing wrong with using Drupal, which is a nice CMS, but....   I can
only speculate what exactly happened, since there's nothing posted to
explain the site change, but almost all of the classification of entries
by geographical area is gone (at least, for now).  And that was easily the
nicest feature about GLUE, e.g., to help my Phoenix-area friend.  All I
could think of was to search for "AZ" and "Arizona", and see if
something useful came up.  (It didn't.)

Too bad.  I hope they fix that.

(The comments feature is starting to clog with spam, I notice.)

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