[conspire] Re: conspire Digest, Vol 26, Issue 2

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 10 17:18:51 PDT 2005

I should also probably post this to svlug as they r
big and newbies ma look there 4help choosing a distro.

The big issue with the last 12 distro multi boot
install was starting a graphical application from a
root capable shell. most recent distro's can't do it.
This gives the lack of a root account in the sudo
distro's a crippling lack of conveniance as I don't
need to memorize commands without this bug. kaNOTix
just lets me calmly reboot as root to avoid the bug.
Newbies need a root account until this bug gets fixed.

KANOTIX provided almost the usual 'everything just
works' experience as the only other bug was funny
extra warnings about my apt-get of libdvdcss from a
line of sources.list I added. Hats off to KANO and his
scripts since kaNOTix wins again, even displaying
highlighting in yahoo mail client correctly, few
distro's do.
Many distro's needed dhclient at CABAL when they just
worked at Ross's.

UBUNTU's 5.04= major problem as i needed to get cdrdao
for k3b to work and it took more than just an apt-get
while connected. The good news is I finally succeeded
in getting both Ubuntu's to install and their find the
other distro for grub feature almost worked. 

Many distro's suffered failure after i put pc-bsd on
hda2. This prevented Vida Linux OS from installing.

PC-BSD itself looks spiffy and /stand/sysinstall works
great once you figure out how to get to only the
installer for k3b. It tells me apple made a great
choice by going for bsd underpinnings. 

The SLACK based distro's looked good but had some
issue I don't remember and i probably won't revisit
kate or whax as i don't feel like memorizing their apt
equivalent stuff but may revisit minislack as their
reiserfs support provides real hope to fixing the blob
problem and as the world gets more database intensive
we need better solutions there. 

Libranet looks great but I didn't test far since i
mostly want it on drive for the graphical kernel
application. KNOPPIX went on end of drive starting at
120g and works fine past my 128g barrier so i plan on
using that dvd installed distro with big things like
boch's and vmware despite its shortcomings.

My mepis installs disappoint since my cups problem but
getting a better 3311 installed may help as that cd
was a quick burn.
my old BLAG looked great but i couldn't get root
rights and ditched it.
Pai-Pix looked fine but is a bit old.
PC Linux OS workedlike the 'mandrake only better'
descriptions i have read and if u want a .rpm i
recommend it. 
the .deb crowd wins here again but not so overwhelming
this time. I see why WHOPPIX became WHAX by switching
Recent ugliness with one of the SVLUG volunteers
prevents me from posting this to them but feel free to
do it yourself. actually, please don't post it there
as david might.

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