[conspire] question regarding CONFIG_ACPI_BLACKLIST_YEAR in menuconfig

Darlene Wallach wallachd at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 7 13:32:23 PDT 2005


In case you can direct me where to find information:

I bought a VA Linux 420 from VA Linux Systems in 2000.
The machine may have been built 15 Feb 2000.

I'm running make menuconfig.
[begin help]
enter a 4-digit year, eg. 2001 to disable ACPI by default 
                                          on platforms with DMI BIOS 
date before January 1st that year. 
               "acpi=force" can be used to override this mechanism. 

Enter 0 to disable this mechanism and allow ACPI to 
                                          run by default no matter what 
the year.  (default) 

[end help]

I'm planning on setting this to zero. It currently has
2001 set. Since my system is so old and it is a
Pentium III, should I keep it set to 2001?

Thank you
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