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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 14 23:37:13 PST 2005

On Friday 14 January 2005 22:54, Bill Lazar wrote:
> www.freecycle.org seems fairly similar.

Thanks for the heads up about Freecycle.org.  They actually are 
broader.  I am hoping that our diyparts.org site will be more 
directly related to computers.  There is lots of good stuff in 
there for computers, but it might not be as convenient, because it 
is more general, and geeks will have to plough through other stuff 
to get to what they want.  I am hoping to focus more narrowly on 
computer parts.

Actually, I should add also that the Freegeeks up in Portland came 
up with the idea for an on line exchange of parts before I did, but 
they had problems finding the right software to make it work.  
There is also Otxwest in Oakland, but they focus mostly on Windows 
boxes.  I am hoping to start out with Linux wizards, and branch out 
from there.  

My idea is that LUG meetings and installfests might be more fun for 
everyone if there was an inventory list right on line that people 
could go to when planning the next LUG meeting.  They could say 
what stuff they need, or they could find stuff.  Etc. 

I dunno.  I'm hoping that this website will be helpful.  If not, 
I'll just scratch it and give it to someone else.  But I think it's 
gonna be fun.  Thanks again for your tip! 

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> This is the very first place that I am announcing this new web
> site. I am a relatively simple end user whose command line skills
> are limited to  ------------->  ls, locate, and cd.  <---------
> Heh. But there are many, many true geek wizards who have given me
> lots of help, and so to thank them, Adam Doxtater (the
> Madpenguin.org guy) and I have created this wiki page where
> people can post hardware they wanna get rid of, and hardware they
> need.  One person's trash, etc.  It's a green thing, ya know. 
> All them hardware parts break down, get into the water table,
> then the food chain, and then us.
> http://diyparts.org/
> This project is just at the very beginning.  I know that there
> are lots and lots of wizards on this list, and so I hope that
> this project is useful to you.  It is a wiki page, so if you
> wanna tweak it, go for it!
> I got this idea from Etienne Delacroix, a professor in Uruguay
> who teaches his art and computer science students how to tweak
> hardware like an artist mixes paint to form new colors.  Thanks
> to Etienne for the inspiration!  None of us is as smart as all of
> us, and each one of us is needed to turn the crank a little bit
> to make the world go around.
> Here is a link for Etienne's work:
> http://www.file.org.br/pdfs/english/EtienneDelacroix.pdf
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