[conspire] Re: Linux hosting

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Wed Feb 16 11:28:26 PST 2005

Eric De Mund writes:
>] I use linode.com as well. It's been great but for one problem - the
>] basic level ($19.95/mo) can't keep up with logcheck. I had to disable
>] logcheck because it was bringing the system to its knees all the time.
>I think I need to use logcheck, even at home, behind a hardware fire-
>wall. Thanks for mentioning it. How frequently are you running it, or
>how frequently does it run? And what does "to its knees" mean, here?

I was just using the standard Debian Woody configuration.  What I mean
by "to its knees" is that the cron jobs would overlap (I think) so
that the first job didn't finish before the next one started.  As a
result the load average shot up and the mail server throttled itself.
Since I use this largely as a mail server, that's unacceptable.

So for now, I'm trusting the Debian Security team to spot any
vulnerabilities before I can be hacked.... *cross fingers*

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