[conspire] Breezy/kppp/Netzero

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Wed Dec 28 18:23:16 PST 2005

    I appreciated your analysis of Netzero.deb. I've looked at dozens of
articles and not many have come up with a way to run it on linux. I'm about
to give up on it and try one which is linux friendly called highstream.com.
    I'm trying to establish that my kppp works right. When you are
configuiring it and query the modem while you are in the configuation mode
it responds properly. Even if you switch /dev/modem and /dev/ttyS0 between
two boxes you still get a positive response.However when you start it from a
terminal and then hit the connect button you get this result and kppp
freezes up.Do you have any ideas as to what is causing it to freeze up?
    jla at vstrom  $ kppp    The kppp starts properly at this point. Then when
you try to connect it does this .

opener:    received setsecret
opener:    received setsecret
opener:    received openlock
opener:     received opendevice

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