[conspire] Netzero/Breezy Badger

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Fri Dec 23 15:40:11 PST 2005

The line I suggested adding to /etc/udev/links.conf was
"capital-L-space-m-o-d-e-m-tab-t-t-y-capital-S-zero" to keep the link from
needing to be recreated each time. You seem to have left out the tab.
After you have that line correct, reboot. After the reboot, check to see
whether the link is there. If it isn't, that needs to be fixed some way,
but for the time being, create it yourself. On the other hand, if it is
there, proceed to the next phase of the diagnostic: You had mentioned
earlier that kppp recognizes the modem, which I take to mean it can dial.
Make sure this is still working, first with kppp configured to use
/dev/ttyS0, and then again with it configured to use /dev/modem. If either
of those fails, that needs to be fixed in some way. If they both work,
proceed to the next phase: Open the NetZero icon on your desktop and try
to connect. Write down whatever error message it prints exactly.

PS- One more thing I need to know: In the event that kppp is able to dial
with /dev/modem but NetZero is not, make a note of whether or not kppp
asks you for your password at any given point in time, and let me know.

On Fri, 23 Dec 2005 12:20:35 -0800, John Andrews wrote:

> Rick or Daniel:
>     Here is the output from my terminal. Do you have any suggestions to get
> Netzero going. I added L modemttySo like Daniel suggested to
> /etc/udev/links.conf.
>     The modem link.(ln -s ttyS0 modem) has to recreated each time but still
> doesn't solve the problem.
> jla at vstrom:~$ Netzero &
> bash: Netzero: command not found
> [1] 7937
> [1]   Exit 127                Netzero
> jla at vstrom:~$ cd /dev
> jla at vstrom:/dev$ ls -l modem
> lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 5 2005-12-23 11:38 modem -> ttyS0
> jla at vstrom:/dev$ cd
> jla at vstrom:~$ cd /etc
> jla at vstrom:/etc$ cd udev
> jla at vstrom:/etc/udev$ cat links.conf
> # This file does not exist. Please do not ask the debian maintainer about
> it.
> # You may use it to do strange and wonderful things, at your risk.
> L fd            /proc/self/fd
> L stdin         /proc/self/fd/0
> L stdout        /proc/self/fd/1
> L stderr        /proc/self/fd/2
> L core          /proc/kcore
> L sndstat       /proc/asound/oss/sndstat
> L MAKEDEV       /sbin/MAKEDEV
> L modemttyS0
> D pts
> D shm
> # Hic sunt leones.
> M ppp           c 108 0
> D loop
> M loop/0        b 7 0
> D net
> M net/tun       c 10 200

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