[conspire] Netzero/Breezy

Jeff Frasca phaedrus at sasquatch-infotech.com
Mon Dec 19 14:10:20 PST 2005

On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 12:44:38PM -0800, John Andrews wrote:
> Rick or Daniel
>     Daniel or Rick
>     Daniel said add  L modem ttyS0 to the file etc/udev/links.conf .I have
> not tried this fix yet.
>  Is there a /dev/xxx that goes in the second column with that?
>     Ls -l modem indicates a link is present in the /dev directory.
> The Netzero logon dialog boxes do not contain any way to specify /dev/modem
> or dev/ttyS0. Just a radio button to specify a hayes compatible modem.There
> is no way to tell NZ that it is an external serial modem .
>     I.m having trouble getting a file that Windows 98 can read from
> OpenOffice.org. (.odt,.swd,.doc,.txt,.sxw,.sdw.). Otherwise I would send my
> terminal output.

Save it as a .txt file and then run these commands on the file
from the command line (I'll assume the file is called "file.txt",
replace as appropriate ;):

$ perl -pe "s/\n/\r\n/" file.txt > file.dos
$ mv file.dos file.txt

This will convert the unix new line characters (what perl thinks '\n'
means) to MS-style new lines, which are really two characters (and
a terrible design), carriage return/newline (the \r\n in the perl 
one-liner).  Old MacOS (version <= 9) used just carriage return for 
their newlines (no worse a choice than the Unix style 
newlines--Microsoft's problem is they used two characters.  It screws 
up the basic programming interface for opening and writing to files).  

If you want to go the opposite direction (windows to Linux), get 
the files on the Linux side and use 

$ perl -pe "s/\r//" file.txt > file.unix
for the first statement from above.  

Oh, and usually, text files are the best thing to play with.
Everyone on the list can read, write and mess with them.  They can
be easily added into emails (which should just be text files
themselves), and not all of us have readers for the fancier file
types (for instance, I don't have OO.o installed, and I do not
intend to install it).  


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