being a sharecropper in your own mind [Re: [conspire] Off Topic: Looking for a Bay Area group that supports Microsoft desktop/laptops.]

Tony Godshall togo at
Tue Dec 13 21:51:02 PST 2005

Attribution correction and additional comment...

> According to Tony Godshall,
> > According to Deirdre Saoirse Moen,
> > > 
> > > On Dec 13, 2005, at 1:53 PM, Mark S Bilk wrote:
> > > 
> > > >Sounds like you want the Church of Satan, but I don't know
> > > >if they have a branch around here.
> > > I was just gonna say "Good luck with that" but that *that* sounded  
> > > too snarky.

I love snarky!  Doesn't everyone?  My favorite news 
program has become Countdown with Keith Olberman on MSNBC.

> > Personally, I would rather spend my own valuable volunteer
> > time dealing with open source, and that users of legacy proprietary
> > operating systems are best referred to paid technical support
> > (, but it's your spare time
> > to spend, in this case.

Oh, wait.  I went and read Don Marti's article.  Further
down he makes it clear that everyone does *not* love snarky.
Particularly it seems those who've made other choices.  I
guess flame is snarky carried too far.
> What's the famous quote about how developing an expertise in
> proprietary technology is akin to being a sharecropper in
> your own mind?
> A quick google search found me a nice geek discussion of it here...
> ...and it apparently came from this nice rant...
> ...and the original observation by Robb Beal about coding
> for the Apple OS...


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