[conspire] Re: x86-64 and 2.6 kernels (was: Fedora Core 3 for a Celeron Dell desktop box)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Dec 9 12:17:50 PST 2005

Brief correction:`

> The upshot is that you really cannot run stable x86-64 systems (unless 
> really lightly loaded) on RHEL3.  You never will be able to -- except by 
> supplying your own, non-vendor 2.6 kernel, and thereby foregoing the
> very corporate support you bought RHEL for in the first place.
> So, basically, modern hardware is going to _require_ enterprise Linux
> distros based on 2.6 kernels -- like FC4, RHEL4, and SLES9.  

Actually, the conventional corporate rules of the game _exclude_ Fedora
Core (any version), not to mention Debian, Kubuntu, MEPIS, etc. from the
"enterprise" category.  They're talking about a system with a guaranteed
binary programming interface over at least 3-5 years, plus paid support 
and updates even if they suck.  Don't ask me to justify that:  I'm 
just describing the rules as they're played.

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