[conspire] Re: Fedora Core 3 for a Celeron Dell desktop box

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Dec 8 18:15:55 PST 2005

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Subject: Re: Dec 10 CABAL 4pm at Menlo Park(Linux install Fest)
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Eddie, you wrote:

> Fedora Core 4 installed fine on Dell Optiplex GX-520 desktop system.
> Just found out need Fedora Core 3 instead.

My apologies for being a bit rushed in writing back to you earlier, but
I've been at a technical conference, and things have been a bit hectic.

It occurs to me that we might be able to assist you more easily if we 
had some clearer idea of what underlying issue you're addressing.  Is
there some special software package, or cranky hardware component, that
is said to require either (1) specifically FC3, or (2) specifically FC
but only versions prior to FC4, or (3) something else entirely?

Depending on the problem you're trying to address, it might be a great
deal better in the long term for you if we find a way to make your
existing FC4 setup do whatever job you have in mind.  For one thing, 
as a friend reminded me when he heard details of your case, FC3 has 
already become an "unsupported" release, meaning that current updates
are no longer available in any reliable fashion (and no longer available
_at all_ from the Fedora Project itself), which in turn makes it
(increasingly) dangerous to run from the standpoint of system security.

Of necessity, older distribution releases also have, in general,
thinnier and buggier support for recent hardware than newer
replacements.  You found that out for yourself, in fact:

>  Previous FC1 install not recognize built in network adapter.   

And last, you already have FC4 installed, so making it 
work for you _might_ be by far the easiest course of action.

So, anyway, checking my notes, I believe we should be able to (if
necessary) find ways to bang onto your system _any_ of the FC releases
if you need one in particular --- but I'd actually tend to wager that 
we can find a better solution for you once you've briefed us a bit 
better on the nature of the problem.

By the way, I hope you don't mind my forwarding our conversation to 
CABAL's small public mailing list, "conspire":  You wrote to our
semi-public "installers" mail alias anyway, rather than to me
personally, and a lot of the best suggestions and assistance for
attendees _always_ comes from the "conspire" regulars.  I merely sit
here looking good, and they do all the work.  ;->

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