[conspire] Re: conspire Digest, Vol 27, Issue 10

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 25 13:42:13 PDT 2005

> Many boards have mechanisms to flash with corrupted
> chips. Which exact
> boards are currently paperweights?... ...
> does anyone know if dvd's work under the version of
> k3b in stable, recent mepis and kanotix k3b's wont
> make dvd's for me, am reworking  sources.list and
> will
> try pinning -t stable..... ...
> I doubt it has anything to do with the version. It's
> probably trying to
> use cdrecord, which refuses to burn DVDs unless you
> get a special
> proprietary cdrecord.
double bios boards come to mind and these are not
doubles. generally if it does not post you are done
for but i will make my cpu available for more testing
at cabal - and will try to bring a main dish since
ross does not plan to - i thought i already emailed
all i can about the boards without looking at the bios
info in post and am in a different city now.[ my duron
1.6 is in a board with no floppy capability now so i
can't do the physical 2 bios monty trick if those
rom's are compatible unless the windows flashing
utility works out and those things seem extra risky.
Older distro's do work and somehow i have a "3.3.1-1"
mepis that can burn dvd's usually and print but am
unsure what that one is since i had so many failures
with "3.3.1-1" cd's

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