[conspire] Re: anyone running VMware under Debian?

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Fri Aug 19 12:27:04 PDT 2005

According to Rick Moen,
> Quoting Peter Knaggs (peter.knaggs at gmail.com):
> > I'd prefer to focus my energies on studying xen and linux, rather than
> > VMware.
> I've taken quite a shine to Fabrice Bellard's QEMU, as well...

Xen seems to require that the guest operating system
cooperate.  There's been a port of Windows to do that but
the authors did it as a proof of concept under a restrictive
license from Microsoft and are thus unlikely to release the
code.  So if your intent is to run Windows under Xen, that's
a dead end (for now).

Qemu works well enough to install XP, so I'm with Rick.  And 
it's just an apt-get away.

A commercial alternative to vmware can be found at
win4lin.com.  In their feature list, it says " Requires no
patches to the kernel"

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