[conspire] Linux program to remove mail from server?

g0d at mrplaydoh.org g0d at mrplaydoh.org
Thu Apr 28 10:29:18 PDT 2005

> On Wednesday 27 April 2005 19:33, Ross Bernheim wrote:
>> One of the great complaints that I hear about the OS X interface is all
>> the eye candy. I agree that some of it is excessive,
> I have to agree.  My only experience with OSX was helping an older
> friend configure here expensive Airport and Emac to work with her
> husband's Windows system.  The thing cost 3 times as much as a PC that
> would have been much faster.  Despite having a 733 MHz CPU, it was
> pig-slow because all the eye candy (the thing that annoyed me the most
> was the undulating & dissappearing Taskbar equivalent).  With Windows
> and Linux I know how to turn all those quasi-transparent animated &
> shadowed thingamabobs off, but I had no idea how to do so with the Mac
> (the settings were all really buried, so they resisted my initial
> efforts & I didn't have time to Google around).

now this is hardly a fair review of osx. 'settings' are *always* buried
until you've learned the os, which you clearly hadn't when you worked on
this box. admittedly, its a very pretty os and fueling that takes a fair
bit of system resources, but its a client os (regardless of apple's
wouldbe-server xserves), so why not make it pretty? real men can admit to
liking attractive guis, imho.

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