[conspire] Linux program to remove mail from server?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Apr 27 21:58:24 PDT 2005

Quoting Ross Bernheim (rossbernheim at speakeasy.net):

> QuicKeys was not terribly functional. It has been improving over time
> so that now it is quite functional as a scripting solution.
> Particularly since it can also do mouse and button presses among other
> things that regular scripting can not do.

I haven't used QuicKeys, but I've used other system-level scripting
languages that promise to handle graphical actions.  Those forebears 
I found ridiculously over-complicated, and sheer hell to debug.

The central irony being that regular scripting is so much easier and
cleaner -- not to mention more portable.  But:  horse, water, drink.

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