[conspire] SUSE again (was: Linux program to remove mail from server?)

Peter Knaggs peter.knaggs at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 18:53:35 PDT 2005

> (Aside: Anyone know an easy way to unpack _SUSE_ RPMs, as opposed to
> normal Red Hattish ones, on another distro?)

On Debian, I've done it for some packages by installing "rpm" for Debian:
  apt-get install rpm
and then using "rpm2cpio" to convert the rpm into a plain cpio input:
  rpm2cpio whatever.rpm|cpio -ivd 

To select only a few files when using cpio, just list them on 
the right of the "-ivd", with their full path but without their leading "/".

To only list the contents of the rpm package to see if all will
be well when extracting it with cpio, use:
  rpm2cpio whatever.rpm|cpio -tv

This should be the same list as you get when 
doing the usual "rpm -qlp whatever.cpio".

Now the only trouble is trying to keep folks from trying
to use "rpm" to install packages on your Debian distros :)


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