[conspire] Linux program to remove mail from server?

Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Tue Apr 26 09:48:37 PDT 2005

On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 01:18:44AM -0700, Edmund J. Biow wrote:
> Anybody know of a nice brain-dead, X11, open source Linux GUI program 
> that removes email from your ISP's server?  I have several different 
> computers in different locations (and even different operating systems 
> on the same computer) so I store my email on my ISP's server for a week 
> or so and download it multiple times.  Yes, I know, I'm a bandwidth hog.

Have you considered running a machine locally with imap?  You use
fetchmail (or something close) to fetch mail from your pop accounts
onto your local machine.  Then any other machine in your local LAN can
read mail from that and it's centrally located.  Throw in a webmail
application and you can read your mail from anywhere without an email
client, too.  It's reasonably easy to setup, with a little googling.

> In Windows-land there are a number of programs that enable you to check 

For quite a few years I ran Windows on my desktop and Linux under the
desk.  I spent all day connected to the Linux box but used Windows for
browsing and eamil.  My desktop was dual boot, but that meant I was
sill almost always using Windows.  Finally I wiped the drive and
installed Linux on the desktop thinking that would be the only way to
really learn to use Linux.

I spent months looking for applications that worked like they did on
Windows.  It was discouraging.  Mail was the application I had the
hardest time.  I tried so many graphical clients but they all didn't
work like my favorite Eudora.  Many seemed to want to replace Outlook.

Someone finally convinced me to stop trying to run Windows on Linux
and suggested I use mutt + vim.  Took some work to learn (still
learning) but now I cannot imagine using a graphical client -- and
when I have to use windows now it drive me *crazy* and how inflexible
it is.

Anyway, I guess what I would suggest is trying to do things a new way
instead of trying to make them work like they did on your old

> Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to any other good places to 
> look for Linux software?

What distribution are you using?

I wonder if I have any mail applications available to me:

 $ apt-cache search mail | wc -l

> I'm slowly trying to acquire a little Linux 
> savy and am using it more than half of the time these days, but I'd love 
> to abandon Windows altogether, however I haven't found completely 
> satisfactory Linux replacements for some of my old Windows apps.

Which apps are those?

Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org

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