[conspire] Linux program to remove mail from server?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Apr 26 07:33:37 PDT 2005

Quoting Edmund J. Biow (ejb1 at isp.com):

> Anybody know of a nice brain-dead, X11, open source Linux GUI program 
> that removes email from your ISP's server?  
> I have multiple POP3 accounts [...]

Googling for "pop3 delete linux" brings up, on the #2 hit:

    * CleanPOP
      logs into your POP3 server and deletes messages which have had a
      local (or remote) spam header added to them, as well as messages
      that have been on the server for longer than a user-configurable
      amount of time. cleanpop helps you keep your POP3 mailbox clean,
      so you can use webmail or download messages from your POP3 server
      to other machines without having to deal with spam. cleanpop also
      prevents your POP3 mailbox from filling up by purging old messages 

    * p3c
      a pop3 checker allowing you to inspect your mailbox before
      downloading and delete any unwanted messages. For you to choose
      wich messages to delete, p3c will show you the "To:", "From:" and
      "Subject:" portions of the mail and then ask you if you want 

    * Popcheck
      an ncurses pop3 mail checker that has the facility to delete
      emails off the server without downloading them 

    * Popdump
      a non-interactive and low-level POP3/APOP utility supporting
      several POP3 commands. popdump allows to get the number of
      messages that you have on an account, fetch or delete a list of
      messages if their header is matched by a regular expression and so
      can be used as a POP3 diagnostic tool or a rudimentary spam filter
      what is helpful on slow connection 

    * PopWash
      a simple graphical application to delete messages on a pop3 server
      without downloading the message bodies. The mail headers are
      filtered based on user defined black and white lists and presented
     in a list where additional manual changes are possible 

    * SpamX
      logs into POP3 mail servers, and deletes mails coming from
      specified senders. You do not need to download them locally, nor
      to setup any procmail and stuff. Simple and clean. SpamX is
      inspired from Mailwasher 

> I have several different computers in different locations (and even 
> different operating systems on the same computer) 
> I haven't found a good GUI tool 

So, script it.

It strikes me that you've overspecifed the solution by saying "must be
graphical" -- but go with whatever works for you.

> Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to any other good places to 
> look for Linux software?

In general, you should stay within the packaging system for your
distribution if humanly possible, for a boatload of reasons.  If you
find yourself compiling tarballs or using foreign binaries often, maybe
you need to switch distributions.

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