[conspire] We don't support Mozilla

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Sun Apr 24 19:42:03 PDT 2005

> > However, given how insecure Explorer has been, I question their
> > definition of security. :-)>
> Moreover, checking for 128-bit SSL support logically requires only,
> well, checking for 128-bit SSL support.  So, this is basically just a
> smokescreen best understood as "We simply decided to do Javascript
> vetting of a narrow list of pre-approved agent strings, but we know that
> sounds stupid, so we're pretending this is a security precaution".

I think it's just that if somebody breaks through the legal
firewall (lots of the EULA bits are probably not enforcable)
they have someone to blame (sue).  Hey, Rick, I hear you're
an expert in that stuff ;-P

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